Hi, I’m Mick Garvin

I’m the co-founder of the Warner Creek Company, co-owner and head distiller at Deepwoods Distillery, party-thrower and cocktail mixer too…

I’ve lived in Oakridge since 2005, and I’m on the board of the Oakridge/Westfir Chamber of Commerce. I’m passionate about trees, local ingredients, and promoting our local artists! I’m excited to be sharing my pumpkin-launching home-built Trebuchet project with you, in addition to taking you into the inner-workings of the hand-distilled spirit process.
Mick Garvin of Deep Woods Distillery

Hi, I'm Phillip Kirschen-Clark

I’m a chef, a world traveler, bike-riding recipe-creator, dedicated wine-taster, dog-lover (one in particular, his name is Manzanilla) pool player and movie-watcher.

I live in Los Angeles, and have studied food and worked in restaurants all over the US, in Italy, Japan and Mexico - I’m here because a good friend of mine lives in Oakridge, capital of the Matsutake mushroom… I’m passionate about good food, eating and cooking with seasonal and local ingredients. I’m looking forward to sharing an easy miso-glazed delicata squash recipe with you to take advantage of your local bounty and perhaps bring some new flavors into your kitchen!

Hi, I'm Alissa Mayer

I'm a Hanna Somatic Educator for horses and riders, a connection-building specialist, science-loving self-care activist, passionate soil-builder, book-lover, martini-maker, limit-pusher and a cheese-loving-plant-based mama.

I've lived on the high prairie above Oakridge and Westfir for 5+ years. I train horses and used to teach workshops all over the US and in Europe (now mostly online), and I'm a member of the O/W Chamber of Commerce. I'm passionate about eating, foraging & growing delicious and healthy foods, because the health of my family and community is important to me. I'm excited to share with you some easy, science-based ways to take care of your body using Somatics, so you can let go of back pain and chronic tension, and get back to enjoying the great outdoors!

Hi, I'm Jason Nehmer

I'm an I'm an outdoor adventurer, mountain biker, mushroom-hunter, cross-country skier, snowboarder, and dedicated disc golfer...and I can't seem to keep my eyes off the ground in search of fungi!

I live in Oakridge, OR and am currently the Oakridge/Westfir Chamber of Commerce Secretary. When I'm not volunteering for the Parks and Community Service Committee, or out playing in the forest, you can find me working at the Willamette Mountain Mercantile. I'm also the Oakridge Disc Golf Club president, and proud husband to my wife, Rachel. Sharing my passion for all things sprouting from mycelium is my game for this fest.

Hi, I'm Rachel Nehmer

I'm a knitter, gardener, amateur landscape artist and deer-fence-builder...

I live in Oakridge, OR with my best friend and husband Jason Nehmer. I have long been interested in fiber arts and natural dyeing techniques. I took a mushroom dyeing class years ago at the Yachats Mushroom Festival and have been using that knowledge every fall. I enjoy foraging for mushrooms but don't always like the taste so it's great to have another use for them. I'm excited to share more about it with you!
Rachel Nehmer, eco-dying

Hi I'm Matt Slaughter

I’m the President of Earthfort. Known as @DirtFixer, I'm passionate about holistic soil management. I'm also a writer, philosopher, scientist, a coffee aficionado, and an avid dog-walker.

I’ve lived in Oregon for 42 years and enjoy helping farmers and land managers rebuild and protect the life in their soils to yield healthy and productive land for today and future generations. I’m lucky enough to work with clients all over the state, country, and world! I’m looking forward to discussing how soil and nature work, and, how you can work with nature in order to enjoy the natural world with a new perspective.
Matthew Slaughter, Earthfort

Hi, I’m Bob Wilt

I’m an organic berry farmer and soil consultant, health-conscious husband and parent, and passionate biological-regenerative farming advocate.

I live in Corvallis, Oregon, on our certified organic, multi-generation family-owned farm (IG @svorganics). We grow nutrient-dense and delicious berries and ship our farm products to customers all over the world. I also offer consulting services to farmers and growers (through Western Aglands LLC) who are interested in changing their way of farming to improve the health of their soil and grow a better, more nutritious and tasty product without using poisons like pesticides and fungicides. I’m excited to share with you some of my story, and the importance of understanding 'organic' vs. 'nutrient-dense' food.
Bob Wilt of Sunset Valley Organics

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