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Local residents and experts will be featured, as well as folk from backyard gardeners to professional chefs to permaculture designers - each having a connection to our special area, or the community that lives here.

What's happening at the Festival?

Live In-Person Events, Community Gatherings, Online Workshops and Classes... something for everyone!

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A 'Punkin Chukin' Trebuchet Challenge!

November 7th @ 1PM, Greenwaters Park in Oakridge, OR - Pumpkin Launching and a Magic Show! (An IN-PERSON Event)

Entertainment and Education

A NEW Fall Festival with both Virtual & In-Person Experiences!

The HHF is an online virtual experience with pre-recorded presentations AND a simultaneous schedule of live events and activities in the Oakridge & Westfir area of Oregon, USA. Made by and for locals as a fundraiser by the local Chamber of Commerce, in a format that allows us to share what we are excited about with the greater global community!

How does it work?

All of the ONLINE Presentations are free to watch from October 28-November 7th, 2020 - and most of the IN-Person Events are free too.

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Headwaters Harvest Festival Schedule

The HHF 2020 is over, but you can still ACCESS THE REPLAY of all Online Presentations with a VIP PASS!

  • 1

    October 28 - Here's what you missed! (log-in with your VIP PASS and go to your Dashboard to watch)

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    • ▶️ Nutrient-Dense VS Organically Grown? The benefits of biological farming - An interview w/Bob Wilt of Sunset Valley Organics (75-minutes, by Alissa Mayer)

    • ▶️ An Introduction to Mushroom Foraging & Identification with Jason Nehmer

    • ▶️ Mushroom Identification - The Basics - with Jason Nehmer

  • 2

    October 29

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - Lactarius - with Jason Nehmer

    • ▶️ Intro to Holistic Soil Management - with Matt Slaughter of Earthfort (1 of 3)

    • 🎃 Pumpkin Carving Contest - Enter NOW thru Oct 31st at Midnight...

  • 3

    October 30

    • 🎦 Coming Soon... Kiss the Ground - Watch the Award-winning Documentary Film, right here!! (screening date TBA)

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - Shrimp - with Jason Nehmer

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - Fly Agaric - with Jason Nehmer

  • 4

    October 31

    • 😷 Oakridge/Westfir Area "Hike & Seek" GEO-CACHE Scavenger Hunt OPENS Today! (Details inside)

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - False Chanterelle - with Jason Nehmer

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - Chanterelle - with Jason Nehmer

    • 😷 Halloween Block Party & 🎃 Pumpkin Carving Contest in Uptown, Oakridge 5pm-8pm

  • 5

    November 1

    • 😷 Bio-Blitz with iNaturalist Begins Today (and goes thru Nov 4th)!

    • ▶️ What is Regenerative Agriculture? (A Crash Course)

    • ▶️ Corn Shucking with Mick Garvin of Deepwoods Distillery

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - Gomphidius - with Jason Nehmer

    • ▶️ The Soil Story - by Kiss the Ground

    • 🎦 MOVIE NIGHT at the Distillery: Watch KISS THE GROUND on the Big Screen!

  • 6

    November 2

    • ▶️ 50-minute Somatics Mat Class - Ease Your Aching Back - with Alissa Mayer

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - Conks - with Jason Nehmer

    • ▶️ A Regenerative Secret - Grass Farming to Save the World! (by Kiss the Ground)

  • 7

    November 3

    • ▶️ Jason's Fave Mushroom Identification Book + Prep for Spore Printing!

    • ▶️ The Importance of Fungi - with Matt Slaughter of Earthfort (2 of 3)

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - Red Coral - with Jason Nehmer

    • ▶️ The Compost Story (by Kiss the Ground)

  • 8

    November 4

    • ▶️ Miso-glazed Delicata Squash w/Matsutake Mushrooms - Cook with Chef Phillip Kirschen-Clark (tutorial + recipe!)

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - Matsutake - with Jason Nehmer

    • ▶️ How to do a Mushroom Spore Print - with Jason Nehmer

    • ▶️ How to Compost Without Making a Pile (by Kiss the Ground)

  • 9

    November 5

    • ▶️ Earthfort Mission & Projects - with Matt Slaughter (3 of 3)

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - Boletus - with Jason Nehmer

    • ▶️ Falling in Love with Soil (by Kiss the Ground)

    • ▶️ Graeme Sait TEDx - Soil Health, Human Health & Planetary Health

  • 10

    November 6

    • ▶️ Kiss the Ground Movie

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - Dyers Polypore & Blue Knight - with Jason Nehmer

    • ▶️ Forest to Fiber: Eco-Dying & Natural Fabric Coloring w/ Lobster Mushrooms and Japanese Maple leaves - with Rachel & Jason Nehmer

  • 11

    November 7

    • 😷 Pumpkin Chukin' Trebuchet Launch & Magic Show starts at 1pm TODAY, IN-Person at Greenwaters Park in Oakridge, OR!

    • ▶️ Q&A with the Kiss the Ground FILM Cast, Directors & Producers

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - Lepiota - with Jason Nehmer

    • ▶️ Mushroom ID - Oyster - with Jason Nehmer

    • Before You Go...

A Pumpkin Carving Contest!

FREE to Enter + 4 Categories with Prizes!

Starting NOW through October 31st - participate by taking a photo of your carved pumpkin + a handwritten note with your NAME and the DATE, and posting it on Instagram. Tag @oakridge.westfir AND use #HHF2020Pumpkins - OR by dropping it off on Halloween between 3-4pm at the Block Party in Uptown Oakridge (at 1st St. between Commercial and Ash). ONLINE entries accepted between 10.16.20 until 10.31.20 midnight PST.
Oakridge Pumpkin Carving Contest pic

What is a Bio-Blitz?

‘Bio’ = ‘life’ and ‘blitz’ = ‘to do something quickly and intensively’.

Together they make ‘BioBlitz’, a collaborative race against the clock to discover as many species as possible, within a set location, over a defined time period. Plants, animals, fungi, it all counts! Find out the name of that mystery plant growing nearby with iNaturalist, a free and easy to use app and website with a community of experts helping you identify what you found. How many species can we find? Register for this project by clicking the button below. (You must create a free iNaturalist account first, then you can 'join' the Oakridge Blitz!) Let's Blitz: Nov 1-4!
Diamond Peak Meadow

NOT just another Online Fair...

This event is as deeply rooted as our Cascade Mountains!

This is NOT another wild collection of lessons and tutorials from all over the place, but an event that is deeply rooted in our very real community, just like the trees, mushrooms, wildlife and people of this area. It’s locally made, locally presented, and locally curated to nurture our community directly with education and a new forum for sharing our unique knowledge and experience - AND this Festival was also created to give interested people from all over the world a peek into our lives here in the Cascade foothills, above the fog and below the snow, in a hidden slice of Oregon paradise.
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Learn more about the Headwaters Harvest Festival

In-Person Local Activities for the Community

We will observe strict safety measures of Social Distancing and mask-wearing at all events. 😷

Oct 20 - FREE PUMPKINS! 1 per child or household, while supplies last - ALL GONE!
Donated by community growers + pumpkins purchased by the Chamber of Commerce, come get your pumpkin to enter in the Pumpkin Carving Contest, or to cook up into some delicious fall eats with our featured Cooking and Recipe presentations. Pick-up between 9am-5pm at Willamette Mountain Mercantile - 48080 Hwy 58, Oakridge, OR.

Oct 16-31 - Pumpkin Carving Contest - FREE + win prizes!
Participate by taking a photo of yourself with your carved pumpkin and posting it on Instagram (Click Here for Rules & Entry Details) - OR by dropping it off on 1st St. in Uptown Oakridge at 1st St. between Commercial and Ash, on Halloween between 12-4pm. VOTE for your favorite pumpkin by commenting on the posts or in person at the block party on the 31st. Winners will be announced Nov 4th.

Oct 31 - Oakridge/Westfir GeoCache Scavenger Hunt OPENS!
A fun self-guided hunt through sites celebrating the history, culture and recreation of the Oakridge and Westfir areas.

Oct 31 - Halloween Block-Party and Pumpkin Carving Contest Voting - FREE + candy!
5pm-8pm on 1st Street between Commercial and Ash in Uptown Oakridge. Walk, bike or drive thru, view and vote on the carved pumpkin display, wear your costume and pick up a bag of candy from your local fire and police departments!

Nov 1 - Movie Night! A live outdoor screening of the film Kiss the Ground: 5:30pm at Deepwoods Distillery in Uptown Oakridge, OR (48217 E. 1st Street). FREE admission (donations accepted). Food & drinks available for purchase. 

Nov 1-4 - iNaturalist BioBlitz: A Virtual Citizens-Science Project, focusing on plants and animals in the Middle Fork Ranger District

Nov 7 - Trebuchet Pumpkin Launching & Magic Show - Admission $5/family
1pm at Greenwaters Park in Oakridge, OR